Can’t install RealUser xmodule on win10 virtual machine

Hello everyone.

I have U.I. Vision installed on a virtual machine running Windows 10. Both xmodules other than RealUser have been installed and tested to be functional. Here are some of the previous fixes I have tried:

  • Clicking the test it button says it is not installed

  • Both windows language and keyboard language are set to U.S. English.

  • Tried in both chrome and firefox, both had the same problem.

  • DesktopAutomation demos stop at the first visualAssert command.

  • Installer has been run in administrative mode.

  • I have done the good old on/off trick a few times.

I’m really not sure what else I can try here… Is there anything I have missed? I’ll provide any help I can in diagnosing the issue.

  • So the only XModule not detected is the realuser one?

  • Do you have all Win10 updates?

  • Maybe an antivirus software issue?

I use it on many Windows 10 machines (VM, Azure, AWS,…) and never had an installation issue. So something is different in your case.

Thanks for the reply. When looking at the instaled xmodules, only realuser comes up as not installed.

To my knowledge, windows is updated.When I check for updates it doesn’t find any and says it’s up to date. I have previously updated it in the virtual machine.

In terms of antivirus stuff, you could be on to something. The first few times I tried to install it would block the install as realtime protection. I believe I have turned all of this off and it still has not been fixed.

I may try using a different windows .iso and see if the problem persists.

Hello, I am having the exact same issue. Was a solution ever found?

Hi, we have not been able to recreate the issue yet. Is it for you the same that “Both xmodules other than RealUser have been installed and tested to be functional.”?

Do you have any anti-virus software that might interfere? (Microsoft Antivirus is certainly no problem, we use it ourselves).


Thanks for the reply.

As with the original post, I only experience issues with the RealUser xmodule. The other two work and have been installed. This is on a Windows 10 VM with no active security/antivirus.

Issue does not happen on Windows 10 host machine.

Hello again, just an update.

After installing various Windows updates on the VM, the realuser Xmodule is now working.