Can someone write macro for me (paid)

The excel file is like that
col1: url of the form I want to fill
col2: string1
col3: string2
col4: string3

I want the the macro go to the url in col1, click on a button, type a message using col2-4, then click on submit botton.


I’m a new user of Kantu but in few days i already create more macros.

Kantu is an excellent software, I used imacros from 10 years but i think the Kantu is better.

If you want I FREE create for you a macro with Kantu.

You must tell the site and add an example csv.

I think you need an autoposter macro, that load url, paste message and submit, i I can create a similar macro for FREE (this is a community to help do not need to pay to create a macro).

To create I need to know csv with 3-4 line already filled and the site where macro post the message (every site is different tha macro can work only in the site already tested).

Have a nice day

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Hi ,
For example >
I want to click on ask button, and using the users name on the ad, I wanto say that
Hi Adam,
Can you make it $120 ?

(I’ll have the url of this ad, name of the user, price, on excel already, I want macto to get them from excel and go to url, fill the form, submit it, and go to next url in excell, and finish all of them)

Huge thanks in advance !

in almost same logic,
I want to go this url :

Use excel for input for search (parcel id, example:080007400 ) and than go to photo menu and get images url

I want to do this like 30 of them at once with the help of Kantu