Can not save file when selecting a target for XClick command


I’m trying desktop automation on Windows Server 2019 using RDP. It used to work earlier but suddenly it stopped working.

Now when I’m trying to select a target for Xclick command, I get the error “Can not save file”. Screen Capture XModule is installed. FileAccess XModules shows not installed but when I click on “Test it” button, it says installed. I’m attaching the screenshots. Please help me in fixing this issue. I have uninstalled the uivision and Xmodules multiple times but the issue still persists.


XModules tab before:

XModules tab after clicking on Test button

this is error screen shot:

The XModule installation looks ok.

So you are saying you can not save any macro in hard-drive mode?

Does this folder exist and is writeable?

the path was writable and I was able to save the macro. I was just not able to select the target for XClick and XClickRelative commands.

Suddenly it is working now after contacting you. It was not working earlier for the last 2 weeks. did you change something from the backend? was there any issue with my license?