Can not open UI.Vision RPA extension in chrome

I opened and run UI.Vision RPA extension in chrome normally yesterday
I can’t open it in chrome today. I try to restart my computer 3 times, reinstall UI.Vision RPA extension

The another extension run normally

Please teamviewer my computer to check it

Here is screen capture clip

I fixed that by putting Chrome in full on my main screen when oppening UI vision, I can put it anywhere after that (on windows)

I thought it was the opposite… chrome could not be maximized first: Emergency! Cannot open UIVISION! - #16 by David_Vaan

So i just tried it a little bit further.
All I can say is that I work on a laptop with a 24" screen plugged to it, UI Vision launches on chrome only if chrome is on the 24" screen maximized or not.

I launch it with 20" Dell E2014H