Can not execute snipping tool on Windows11


After upgrading to Windows 11, sadly I am not able to use the built-in image selector feature for Xvision Commands anymore. In Desktop view I get the error ‘can not execute snipping tool’. I will let you know if I run into any other changes since the windows 11 upgrade.

Is there a way to make the snipping tool in desktop mode work on Windows 11?

Cheers and have a good day everyone!

Using a screenshot made with the Windows 11’s own Snipping Tool seems to be working just fine though.

Hi, please re-download and install the updated Windows XModule V2021-3b. This update adds support for the Snipping tool integration on Windows 11.

After that update, the UI.Vision RPA software and the Copyfish Desktop OCR fully support Windows11 :slight_smile:

After the upgrade, the Screen Capture XModule Version is displayed as V1.3.6.