Can not copy by clicking copy button

Hi, my seniors.
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May i ask a little thing, please.

I’m trying to copy text by clicking “copy button”.

But when paste it, UI Vision pastes the previous text i copied manually.

The recorded commands:

How to make it paste what it clicks, please?

Thank you, and
Regards :pray:

It seems the normal “HTML-click” is ignored. You need to simulate a real-user click with XClick. So replace Click with XClick. If that alone does not work, use XClick plus image:

XClick | image

I’m sorry, how to make xclick+image, please?

I know about xclick, but how the image…?

The link is here:

Here is a video for XClick + Image. Another option is to use the new XClickTextRelative. For this made a second video below.

XClick + Image

To create the image for XClick, use the “Select” button


Here we click relative to the word “Random”. The right value is found by testing. I started with 100,0 and see that this is too far way from the button. Then I try 10,0 and see it is too short. So I change to 40,0 and the click hits the button just right. To test the values, press the “Find” button.

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Thank you, sir :pray:
Will try it soon👍

Hi, sir. sorry for late reply.
i’ve tried it but failed :thinking:

I added ${KEY_PAGE_DOWN} and it works.

Thank you, sir :smiley: