Can kantu with eyes feature run simultant more than one macro?


This is a great product.

But unfortunately i stumble across for my needs.

Hope you can help me clarify it.

I need the function with “eyes” (image search functions). but i fear it

only can run for one at a time? am i correct ?

is there any paid version? or any your product that can allow me to run

multiple same macros that use the “eyes” function but can running

multiple macros at one a time ?

thx, norman

The answer is: It depends…

  • if you only need visual ui testing commands like VisualAssert or VisualSearch you can run many instances at once. Everything happens only inside the browser.

  • but if you also want to trigger actions with the real user commands xtype and xclick, then technically you can still run many instances, but we do not recommend it, since xclick/xtype take over the global mouse cursor and keyboard entry.

Note that Kantu XModules work also great under Linux, so you can the automation also in free Linux virtual machines e. g. VirtualBox.

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