Can Kantu run as a popup?

just asking if kantu can run as an extension popup

What is an extension popup?

Kantu can run, for example, via the command line.

like a dropdown when you click the extension,
on the manifest it would look like:

“default_popup”: “kantu.html”

or something like that

Got it… popup support is planned for later releases.

But what you can do already now is to create bookmark links to macros and testsuites.

hello again, i got your source code from git and modified it to run a default popup, but now the play button doesn’t work anymore. How is it different from being in a separate window?

Thanks for working on this. I can’t tell you why it does not work, because we have not started the “run as popup” work yet. It is on our todo list for the “UI refresh” milestone later this year. That said, if you get something to work, please let us know.