Can I use SeeShell API in MQL4 scripting language

I am trying to do a browser task when an event happen in MT4 (MetaQuotes Software Corp).So I am using MQL4 scripting language. I know we can import function from operating system modules (*.dll files) and the full description of functions we are going to use is needed. for example if we want to use windows MessageBox in our script

So question is can I import function from SeeSell.Browser API into my script and use it.
Thank you.

Yes, you can: The SeeShell and SeeShell Browser API are technically “COM Objects”. So you can use the SeeShell API just like you would include a Word or Excel COM Object (see here for a VBS code snippet).

Now, none of us has experience with MQL4 yet, but any Windows language we know can call COM objects, so it should work.

If you find a solution, it would be great if you can post a code snippet here, so the next MQ4L user can find it.

The other (less powerful) option would be to use the SeeSheel Browser command line interface.

And of course, if you have more questions about this, let me know.

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Thank you for response.
As I understand the only way is writing a win32 DLL in C++ and then import it in MQL4 script.
But I know almost nothing about C++ and how make an object from Seeshell APIs.
If someone here knows that and let me know really save me time to dig deep into C++ and visual c++.

You do not need to write anything in C++, you only need to find the way to do the equivalent of CreateObject ("seeshell") in MQL4. Then you can access all SeeShell commands within MQL4