Can i run mutilple instances

hey guys I am looking for a solution and stumbled upon ui vision. I want to automate a excel sheet to a webpage using ui vision. I will use browser profiles with the help of kameleo. I want to run multiple automations like this on the same machine. the data from excel sheet will loop and the form will be filled. such that multiple similar automations will run. the automations should not interfere with each other . like will the xtype command that will run simultaneously on both the instances will collide or not. that’s my question. Thanks

When you use commands controlled by xmodules such as Xclick/Xtype/Xmove you have to keep the screen facing you as these commands interfere with the mouse and keyboard so you cannot start multiple instances together if you use the Xclick/Xtype/Xmove commands (desktop automation).

You can start multiple instances together if you use the normal selenium commands (click/type).

The only possibility you have is to start several virtual machines with ui vision and xmodules installed and start 1 instance in each one but the work becomes very complex to manage in this case.

Another alternative solution is to convert excel sheets to csv and then use them in macros in this case if you don’t use Xclick/Xtype/Xmove commands you can start multiple instances together