Can I run macro on Linux Server, instead of the client machine?

Hi, I created a macro on linux using google chrome extension. I exported this macro to html (autorun). I copied the html file to /var/www/html folder of the linux machine with apache installed.
suppose url link is:

if I run this link on my windows laptop browser, it asks to install UI.Vision extension and then it works.
My question: Is there a way to run the macro on the Linux server (where I created the macro), instead of running on my laptop (client machine)?
My target is give the url link to other people and the macro could run on the linux server instead of their local chrome browser.
Thx for any feedback in advance,

You would have to code this connection to your Linux machine yourself. UIvision RPA is not a SaaS cloud solution, it always runs locally.

thx for your prompt response. can you suggest an RPA that can run on cloud? Thx.

For RPA, nothing that I would know. Because the goal of RPA software is to automate desktop applications. But for for testing, if you google for “hosted Selenium Grid” you will find companies like Browserstack, Sauce labs or Applitools.

Hello @serginhoka. I am trying to look for something related to your post. I am trying to find something that would allow me to run my ui vision rpa macro 24/7 on a server. I was wondering what you ended up doing for your problem.

Here all info

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