Can I run Desktop RPA on Ubuntu Core Frame app?

I have an Ubuntu Core OS with a single app running on Flutter + NodeJs server
There is no browser installed. There is almost nothing installed except Flutter app))
But I can SHH into this machine and do something.
I can install some Snaps (from SnapStore), or maybe I can pack all I need in my own snap and transfer this snap into Core by SHH.

So, the main question:
Is it possible in general???

Another question, what should I pack into the snap to get the things running from the box?
Everything should be running on background.

I would be happy to get any thoughts!

UI Vision RPA needs an active desktop. It can not run on a locked machine. However, it runs fine on any kind of virtual machine e. g. VirtualBox.

Thanks for the reply!

But my question was about something different.
That machine is not locked.
I can provide execution rights for some applications, but I don’t know which apps are enough for running UI vision RPA.

That would be nice to get something like Docker file to get the list of all the needed applications.