Can I hire a pro Kantu User to Help Me with Something?!

Hey all!

I am not very good with this web automation … and I’m wondering if I can get someone to help me with the following:

Creating a Facebook “auto-liker” that can start at a page like this:{“name”%3A"creation_time"%2C"args"%3A"{\“start_month\”%3A\“2018-08\”%2C\“end_month\”%3A\“2018-08\”}"}

and then do the following:

  1. Expand the first item open …
  2. Check if it’s a post from a personal account, or from a ‘page’ (the options are slightly different).
  3. If it’s from a personal account - just click “Like” (if it hasn’t been clicked before), and then move on to the next item
  4. If it’s from a page account, perform the following:
    a. Click the “Like As” selector
    b. Depending on who I want it to like the page “as” … select that page
    c. Click the “Like” button (if it hasn’t been clicked before)
  5. Move on to the next item and repeat steps 1 thru 4.

I have recorded an animated gif showing what I would want this process to look like here, note that the first item is a post from a personal account, and the last item opened is one from a ‘page’ :

If you think you can help me create this - please let me know. I am able to pay a bit for help!


  • David.

From what I know, if you are looking for some very cheap automation. I would look on a free lancing site like fiverr.

I have had some good people do cheap work for me.

I"m sure someone can develop a simple bot script to do what you want. I would probably not recommend using Kantu to do this extensively, although it should be possible.

For Facebook or Instagram automation and their tricky Javascript and “anti-scraping tricks” (e. g. element IDs change all the time) I would recommend SeeShell over Kantu - the visual automation makes this much easier.

In addition to this forum and fiverr, other good places to find Kantu and/or SeeShell experts and developers are

When you post a job there, just make sure you mention that you want to get it done in Kantu or SeeShell, this will make later changes for you much easier (as compared to getting a complex custom python or ruby script, that will break easily with the smallest website change.)

Hi @bito89,

Thanks for your response. I actually found a way to get this to do what I need it to for the time being, pretty proud of myself, haha! I’m sure it could be written much much better, however, for my purposes it works! It turned out to really just be all about trial-and-error’ing the syntax - which has darn near zero documentation that I could find - especially for targeting CSS elements.

Hi @ulrich,

Thanks for your reply. As mentioned to @bito89 - I was able to get this figured out myself :slight_smile: Thanks for your recommendation though - if I do ever need something much more complex I will sure be sure to explore those avenues.

I too am looking for more help with Kantu solutions.

I have searched fiverr for Kantu people: no joy.

What other places might have Kantu contractors?

Upwork works for me, and sometimes Freelancer.

Thank you for the tip!

May I ask you to share how you did it with us, I really need to do exactly the same as you did.

It will be really great to save the time on trial and errors for someone with no coding experience as myself :slight_smile: