Can i get notification (chime sound or text alert?) if macro stops running?

So I posted this question in review section “Can i get notification if macro stops running?”

And support replied with following
Yes. You can start the macro via command line, and then use the log file option to check when the macro is completed. For more details, please repost this quesiton in our forum at

So i’m posting this and wondering how I can get some kind of sound (custom or default) if macro stops from timing out or some other error?

Please help this is a great add on btw…

For the notification, you can enhance the echo command with #shownotification. This displays a notification window. Below a screenshot on how this looks on Windows (works the same on Mac/Linux, just the dialog looks a bit different. It is generated by the browser itself).

echo | hello! | #shownotification

Now, if you want to get such a dialog only in specific situations (like on error), you can work with if/then or OnError | #goto | Label => Jumps to “LABEL” if an error happens. You find an example in the DemoIfElse macro. And below this label would then be the echo command that shows the notification.

I agree with TS, as macro can fail by any reasons, predictable or not, and a notification with sound would be just great!
So i vote by two hands for this enhancement for Kantu =)