Can I do this with Kantu?

Hi, I am looking for an automation tool and wondering if I can do it with Kantu and how difficult it will be. It’s basically two things i want to do now. Both are linked to Escape from Tarkov.

  1. There are tons of items in Tarkov, so i want to point the mouse at an item’s description, then i hit a button and i want the name of the item copied by using OCR. Then i want the name pasted into the search field of the website called, where various information gets displayed. I am using the game in borderless windowed and the browser is open on a second monitor.

  2. There is currently a lack of mouse sensitivity settings in Tarkov. So I want to have a couple macro buttons at my disposal which:
    -press escape
    -click the options button
    -click onto a certain point on the mouse sensitivity slider bar (can not type in values unfortunately)
    -click save
    -hit escape
    All of that very fast. I can do it with the software from Razer Keyboard, so fast that you hardly see it, however that software has a problem with my second monitor being above my main screen. It somehow messes up the coordinates and i have to either disable that monitor in nvidia settings, or configure the desktop in a way that windows thinks it’s elsewhere. Both are bad options though.

Can I do those two things in a relatively easy way with UI.Vision?

There are not any automation impossible for ui vision RPA every automation require time and tests, but you can automate everithing with ui vision RPA.

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