Can change useragent?

Can change useragent like iMacros.
thank you.

UIvsion can not do this. But why would you need it? I think iMacros has it only because they use their own browser.

Hi, i need change ua for bulk register social account

There are other excellent addons to do rhis

imacros useragent is very bad do not spoof other values inside browser and it’s easy to detect.

Hi, can you offer me few addon ?

What browser do you use ?

i’m using newest Firefox.

There are a large amount of user agent changer for firefox

Try here

it’s better than imacro default?

Imacros spoof only user agent, these addons spoof more value in the browser

Imacros useragent is very easy to detect and ban you.

Change your value browser with imacros and visit this site and click Extended version and see your browser info

It show more info about your original browser and it’s easy to detect you and ban.