Can any one save me please?

Before starting I’m sorry for bad English.
I’m teacher and i need to use PRA and I can’t work with it …is ui vision free to use???
Some one edit that for teacher and sale it expensive. And give us demo to use if we want to use completely we have to pay money to him.can any one edit the demo list . the demo list work frome 1 to 5 of list CSV. Can any one edit the demo to work to 20 or 25??

Yes, this is free RPA software.

There are also paid versions, but the free version is very powerful and should work well for teaching in school.

نمونه چاپ اتوماتیک گزارش تحصیلی ابتدایی نوبت اول _ نوبت دوم.zip (213.8 KB)
Pleas make that code read csv from 1 to 25
Right now eead from 1 to 5.