[bug] Sporadic If statements and executeScript_Sandbox Skipped Execution

I have been using vision UI to monitor a webpage for an extended period of time with a series of API calls using python. After some amount of time, the macros seem to skip steps and generally are If statements and executeScript_Sandbox steps. It is like the marco loads but the execution fails at the step and then it executes the next step even if it the outcome of a skipped if statement. I have tried both chrome and firefox browsers but with the same result (chrome may be better). Additionally there is a case with firefox where the Xmove command gets stuck and the marco did not timeout after 120 seconds, rather I had to manually the next morning and it ran for 52692 seconds. As a result of this hanging, all the other macro calls timed out like normal and my script terminated.

I have attached a print out of the log file and the macros I am using. The logs show that the all the steps executed and there are cases where steps are completely missed or missed for a while and then pop up later. Normal and adnormal execution logs are included. I am running on ubuntu 18.04 with the latest chrome and firefox browers.

macroIssues.zip (1.8 KB)

Does your monitoring script restart the browser every few hours to free memory? In my own scripts I actually close the browser after each monitoring sequence, and start a fresh Chrome/Firefox instance for each new measurement.

Not at moment. I am running on a low power Zotac computer, so opening and closed the browser is very slow and non ideal, but I will try it every loop of my script. It seems odd to me that specific commands/steps (those using the execute_sandbox) of the marco would be skipped due to memory issue. I would of thought it would simply freeze or grind to a halt.

I will try to periodically close and reopen the browser.