Bug in Arabic Ocr (Website only, not in the Arabic OCR API)

Hello Dear Space Ocr,

I would love to start my message by thanking you guys for this great service and wonderful API it’s amazing and beat the biggest ocr’s out there such as abbey ocr and etc, But I found an issue on the Arabic make the ocr not useful at all with Arabic language and the problem is when your OCR guys start reading the Arabic text it does that from left to right and this is not how the Arabic language works, In Arabic, the write start from right to left so the ocring (reading) Arabic text should start also from right to left, I tested the ocr and I tried to convert image

to the TXT file and the result was the API order the text from left to right and it should do right to left.

Best Regards

The Arabic OCR API returns the text correct (right to left). Also in the text box it is displayed correct. But you are correct. The “Download” button on the website changes the orientation to left to right for the downloaded text file! This is a small issue of the web interface. We will fix this!

Workaround for now: Copy and paste the text from the text box instead of using the “Download” button.

This is a very minor issue that is only with the website download button. The OCR API itself fully supports Arabic OCR.