[bug] Fail to update !timeout_wait

Used to be 1166000 on the previous run of the macro. But this run I’ve set it up to 799.
I don’t know why Kantu still shows 1166000 in the title.

OMG more weird sh#t keeps going on.
I’ve decided to look what’s going to happen by reaching 799. Whether macro will keep waiting or will follow along…
But neither of these two options happened. Something very unexpected and in the middle!!

Buy reaching 795ish counting started all over again from zero and timeout has been reset to 799.

Obviously I was not expecting it otherwise I would make a screencast for sure.

@admin will you give any feedback?

This is an ongoing issue.

If you stop the macro and change the value it will use the old value from previous run. Chrome x64 Win8.1

Nobody seem to care. :disappointed_relieved:

I tested it and it works for me. Does this happen always and with any macro? In Firefox and Chrome?

I use Chrome only. If I try to catch this issue on purpose I can’t. But the days I work on macros with changes in !timeout_wait this bug comes up at least (!) once a day. One thing in common is usually I stop the macro manually to make changes in code. I appreciate you testing it. I wish it would be that easy. But only you know the inner code and make a guess on how this might happen. Ex. when values are updated. Also I usually run my codes on fast if that might contribute to the issue…


NICE!! :joy::joy::joy:

To be clear this ^^^ is not a bug it actually happened while I’ve accidentally tried to write null to !TIMEOUT_WAIT.
It’s just I’ve never seen so many errors at once. )))
But the fail to update the timeout and kantu stubbornly using timeout from the previous run IS a BUG.

And again at some point later timer up top refreshed from 9451 to 300 and started counting from zero. Thus not respecting nor 300 nor 9451. Weird.

@admin this thread needs you.

I have a similar error read this post

But nobody here replies these are serious bugs, I don’t understand how people manage to work with kantu with all these bugs, it’s humiliating to work like this.

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