[BUG] Every time UI.Vision runs or opens, the extension window get smaller

UI.Vision v6.2.6
Browser: Firefox v103.0.1
OS: Windows

Problem: Every time UI.Vision is run or opened, the window is smaller than the previous open

To recreate:

  1. Open UI.Vision & observe the window size
  2. Close the window
  3. Open UI.Vision & observe the smaller window size
  4. Repeats continuously until it shrinks to this size:

Screenshot 2022-08-07 225510

You have to continually resize the window height & width with the mouse. The window-maximum button is greyed out:

I never saw that! Can you try in a new/fresh Firefox profile?

The ui vision window in firefox changes size every time firefox opens and closes but it has always been like this, you can resize it by clicking on the edges

Ok I finally figured it out. If the default zoom is Firefox settings is default at 100%, the UI.Vision window does not change.

If the default zoom is > 100, the window shrinks on every open.

If the default zoom is < 100, the window enlarges on every open.

@admin So this would be a bug in the UI.Vision extension code.

I used zoom 240% but all works for me:

In Windows 10 I do have my “Scale and Layout” set to 125%. I tried changing that to 100% but it didn’t solve. I also tried using a new profile with no other extensions or settings changed. Any other direction to debug?