[bug] After Marco Error, Need to Clear Log File To Clear Error

I am calling a marco using the API method from a python script. If the marco is successful everything is fine and the logfile at the top says “Status=Ok”. If there an failure, the top of the file says “Status = Error…” and that makes sense. However when I restart the python script (leaving the browser and UI Vision window open) and subsequently the marco is successful, the top of the log file still states “Status = Error…”. It will continue to report an error until I manually clear out the log file. The variable !StatusOk is True the entire time except when the failure is first encountered.

It seems like whatever fills that top line, evaluates the entire log file and sets the top line if there is a single error. I can see the useful of this if multiple marcos being called and the desire is a single log file at the end. There should way a way to forcefully clear the log at the start of the process if desired. Maybe a bootstrapp way is to use the "LocalStorageExport|log|#DeleteAfterExport but just delete without exporting?

Hi, thanks for reporting this issue, I confirmed it. In my test I recreated two macros. D1OK that works fine and D1E with an error. When I run them one after the other then

  • D1OK => Logs says OK
  • D1E => Log says Error
  • D1OK again => Log says error (new log file, but still says error). So it seems something inside the RPA software keeps the wrong status. => We will investigate it.

Fixed with the V5.9.3 release. Thanks again for the very helpful error reporting!