Blocking certain xero functions

Hi All

not sure if you can actually do anything about this, as it would require access to parts within the Xero accounting software you would not normally have, but there are certains parts of it where we add bank feeds, update billing details etc and the uivision chrome extension seems to block these parts from displaying properly.

I tested all the extensions by removing them one by one. I have a work around by using the extension manager to disable uivision on xero.

Hi, can you add a screenshot of this issue? Normally UI Vision should not block anything in any website.

It seems one can sign up for a 30-day Xero trial. Do you think we can see the issue there as well?

cant really provide screenshots as instead of running the particular portion of the website, it just keeps loading, you can find it where you add a bank account for example, even just using the demo company should work. try adding a bank account by going accounting-bank accounts-then add bank account, when the extension is on, it just loads, when its off, it loads like normal.