Blank Error on Xclick

Running on Ubuntu 20.04.01, with Xmodules 1.3.6 I get a red error on Xlick, but there are no details associated with the error


This is affecting Chrome and Firefox

All these macros work fine when run on Windows

Hello, do all macros with XClick fail on Ubuntu? Including the DemoXClick and DemoXMove macros that install with Ui.Vision?


No, the Demo Xclick macro doesn’t work on ubuntu.

In chrome, it fails to even find the + (line 7)

In firefox, in one of my user accounts, it gets as far as drawing a square but then doesn’t write "Demo Completed
In firefox, in my other user account, it fails at line 7 with an empty red error


Hi, in your email you write: "I have done some more testing though, and I can tell you that I have two user accounts on my ubuntu box -in one account, my macro with xclick works in both Chrom and firefox
In my 2nd ubuntu user account, it seems to consitently fail, so I’m asuming there’s something different between the two accounts, but I’m struggling to see what that might be? "

So just to clarify: On the same Ubuntu VM, it works in one account and does not work in another?

Yes, that’s what we are seeing

This is tricky, as we can not recreate this issue here. Would it be possible to send us a download link for the VM (if on VirtualBox or VMware)? Then we can run it here and debug it further.

Alternatively: Did you already try to delete the “problem account” and recreate it fresh?

Hi. I’ve deleted the problem account and created a new one.
Firefox fails straight away with the same red error

I can’t share the VM with you.

Can some detail be added to the blank red error to indicate what’s going on?

Does the new version V9.0.1 show the same error? It contains no specific fix for this, so probably it still has this issue. But maybe we get lucky :wink:

Our challenge is to recreate the error locally to debug it. If you have any idea on how to trigger this issue, please let me know.