Bat file is not running

i can’t seem to lunch bat file is there an issue or i’m missing something here ?

Here is the video

i Mean Reading “Names.csv” file is ok but running “orgi-del.bat” is not working

Json :

“Command”: “csvRead”,
“Target”: “C:\UiVision\Names.csv”,
“Value”: “”
“Command”: “type”,
“Target”: “name=02frstname”,
“Value”: “${!COL1}”
“Command”: “XDesktopAutomation”,
“Target”: “true”,
“Value”: “”
“Command”: “XRun”,
“Target”: “C:\UiVision\orgi-del.bat”,
“Value”: “”

You used wrong csv path

csv can have 1 unique path it is saved in ui vision

You have not read the docs

ui vision can not find csv in your computer, it can read ONLY 1 folder setted in ui vision gui at tab xmodules and saved in field Home Folder

For all macros you can have 1 path for csv only and must be setted in ui vision gui.

Ui vision can not access in any folder on yout har drive.

Here the path of xmodules in your har drive

The csv must be in folder /datasouces
Macro in folder /macros

hi thanks for replaying actually it worked fine from another folder later on i just had to reinstall ui an restart chrome and it worked like a charm csv was in c:\uifolder
and the x modules installed and totally different folder same drive though