Base64image file type not recognized

I’m trying to do ocr on a base64image in Postman using your test image

and it’s giving me an error:
Not a valid base64 image. The accepted base64 image format is ‘data:<content_type>;base64,<base64_image_content>’. Where ‘content_type’ like ‘image/png’ or ‘image/jpg’ or ‘application/pdf’ or any other supported type.“,
E216:Unable to detect the file extension, or the file extension is incorrect, and no ‘file type’ provided in request. Please provide a file with a proper content type or extension, or provide a file type in the request to manually set the file extension.”

I’m doing a POST to with my apikey

All works fine in my test. If you still have problems, please post a screenshot of your postman settings. Here are mine:

Thank you - I got it to POST with this Javascript. It is not detecting simple Arabic characters, however. We can see in the console log that parsed text is nothing. I’m studying how to write in Arabic, and I just want it to output the closest character to my drawing.

That is a pretty cool idea! However, our OCR API is not very good at handwritten characters (yet).