Base64: Error: Unable to process the file

From a user:

Hi we’re on the pro paid plan, we love this service. However, we bumped into an issue where we want to extract an image/gif base64 but we’re getting the following error: “Error: Unable to process the file. Please check if the file has sufficient permissions and allows access and is not corrupt.”

When I download the image from the base64 link and upload it via a file it is working (see image attached) but when I add the base64 link as a “link” it comes back with the error.

Please help us Thanks so much!

Here is the solution for this issue:

After investigating the issue further the issue was that the user added the base64 string with the parameter “url” instead of using the parameter “base64image”.

Once he used the “base64image” key it works as well (note that the same parameter is also used if you want to sent PDF documents as base64 string).

image as base64 string used for ocr input