Autostart Desktop Image Recognition


I’m trying to preform some desktop automation launched by an auto-start html page, all of the commands are working apart from the XClick command. I don’t seem to be able to specify an image to search for.

I have tried providing an absolute path to the image and also hosting the image online and using the storeImage command to capture it at the beginning of the macro.

If anyone has a solution or even a bit of direction in where to look I would appreciate it.

Did you make sure the screen is unlocked?

I don’t think that’s the issue, I’m not running on a virtual machine.
Currently I’m testing the autostart page on my machine, the macro is generated by some js on the page the macro should then switch to desktop and perform some tasks in excel. The problem is that I can’t seem to deliver the images required for the xclick commands to the client that opens the autostart page.

Hi, can you please post a screen video of the issue? Hopefully we can see something then.

Late reply but we had to find a workaround for this (ended up using a complicated sequence of keyboard shortcuts).
Coming back to help in case anyone else runs into this too.
I don’t have any screen grabs of the issue, but after further investigation it couldn’t “see” the program.
All xClick images captured during recording only captured the background behind the screen.
Not much but hope it helps.
(Keyboard shortcut solution works amazingly though)