Autorun stops after first macro is completed

Hey all,

I got a problem and it seems to me like a bug. Maybe I am wrong and you can tell me how to fix my problem.

First of all I have got xFile installed to store all my macros/testsuites etc on my local-machine and manage them through my folders (also manage them with GIT).

In my testcase I have got following folders and files:

  • testsuites
    – Component_Print.json
  • autorun
    – Component_Print.html
  • macros
    – login.json
    – Component_Print.json
    – logout.json

My goal is to start one testsuite after another with my batch-file to automate all my tests. Therefore I use the Autorun.html and open them with the command line. All Autoruns will be stored in the autorun folder.

I have got the testsuite Component_Print which contains the macros login, Component_Print and logout in this order. To start the testsuite Component_Print with the commandline I create the autorun Component_Print.html and store that in the autorun-folder.

Then I start the Autorun with the command

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” “file:///C:/kantu/autorun/Component_Print.html?direct=1&closeBrowser=1&closeKantu=0&savelog=log.txt&testsuite=Component_Print”

Chrome opens and the test starts but it only executes the first macro login in the whole testsuite. Kantu just closes after the first macro login is finished. But their are 2 macros Component_Print and logout left in the testsuite.
I get the following log:

But if I delete the testsuite Component_Print.json in my testsuite-folder the autorun runs through all 3 macros. - I am really confused why do I need to delete the testsuite that I can run through my whole autorun.html which contains this testsuite itself?

Thats my first problem.

On the other hand if I delete my testsuite __ Untitled __.json first and then start the autorun
__ Untitled __.html then Kantu throws the Error:

no macro found with the name ‘__ Untitled __’

I got a fix how I can achieve my automated testing from the commandline but it seems to be a roundabout way.

I have to create my Autorun.html let it start from the commandline and because of the existing testsuite only the first macro will be executed. After that I delete the testsuite from the testsuite folder and start the Autorun.html again from the commandline. Then the testsuite will be found and it will be successfully executed with all the macros.

For me it seems really fishy. - But maybe I just get it wrong.
I hope you can help me out.

Kind Regards,

Strange. What if you use this autorun page, does it work then? I use it and can run test suites fine.

Your autorun.html opens kantu successfully and is starting the DemoFrames-Macro but it stops at Line 27 and does not go any further. After a delay Kantu and Chrome are closing.

Furthermore if I compare your and mine autorun.html, mine is a html-table missing (which stores all kantu commands). - Does this have anything to do with my problem?

And - maybe I am wrong, but your autorun just runs a single macro where my autorun has a testsuite inside wich contains multiple macros.

Here you can see the run function of my autorun.html:

I dont want to be unfriendly but I also dont want to this problem to be forgotten.
So PUSH :slight_smile:

Hi I had similar problems with Kantu and firefox 66, now I have changed version of firefox I use the ESR version and these problems seem to be solved.

Try to use a different Google Chrome version.

Thanks for ur reply newuserkantu
I use Chrome 74.0.3729.131 and I also tried it in Firefox 66.0.4 but their I got the same problem.
As you suggested I tried Firefox ESR 66.0.4 but I get the same problem.

Sometimes in the ESR Firefox I get
Status=Error: macro does not exist
if I start over the commandline. But manually started this error never occurs.

V5.0 (released today) has a completely new test suite concept. This should solve this issue.


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Thanks for ur reply.
It works like a charm :slight_smile: