Autorun macro kantu log not saved (see image added)

Hi @admin

I tried the autorun function, this function works like a charms but do not save the log file.

I runned in a batch file this code

“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” “file:///D:/test/c.html?macro=demoframes&cmd_var1=hello%21world&cmd_var2=123&cmd_var3=ABC&direct=1&savelog=logfirefox.txt”

And i look a windows to click Ok in the window opened to save the log but Kantu do not wait the time to click Ok in the windows opened to save the file.

After some seconds the Ok button in windows without clicking Ok will be closed from Kantu and can’t save the log file.

The Save function require 10 seconds to activate the button Ok (to prevent unwanted saved files on firefox).

Can you check this bug please:

Have a nice day

You need to check the option “Save files of this type automatically”. It is the box that starts with “Da ora in avanti…”. Then it works automatically in all future runs.

Thanks @ulrich for suggestion

Have a nice day