Automation testing for jdeveloper

Hello … can you please tell me if this product works with
testing for Oracle 10g jdeveloper / oaframework pages. if so can i
please ask someone to point me to the documentation as I have been unable to
find any documentation. I may be over looking it but between this
product and selinium I havent been able to locate anything regarding
automation testing of jdeveloper pages. Thanks for any help you can give

Hi! Can you maybe add a link to a jdeveloper page? What is so special about them?

Thanks for a reply. I’m sure there is nothing special about the link. Maybe I’m going down a muddy rabbit trail asking the wrong way and not explaining myself properly. I was wondering if there was documentation that I could follow as I haven’t seen any and want to know if there was anything. So is the best way to learn the tool is just to download and go for it ??!!

For what kind of task do you want to use the RPA software? For test automation?

Depending on your answer I can link to a few resources.

Plankton Thanks for the replies. I downloaded, jumped right into it. I believe what i was asking about is the documentation in the Demo folder. So I guess i was trying to make it harder then it was by analyzing instead of doing. I have it up and running 3 pages in a row. Thanks for your time and sorry i jumped ahead of the horse.