Automating Google Hangouts call to an IVR

hey im pretty new to using kantu. ive had minimal trouble automating forms etc but i am facing an issue trying to automate calls to an IVR service . 2 problems im facing
1)the part i am hung up on is clicking the section where you would type in the phone number and also clicking on the green phone icon to initiate the phone call. the script keeps timing out.

  1. i need to go about how i can extract the voice responses from the calls and record them to a csv file or print it to the log file. i suppose if this is not possible i could record the calls using some kind of voice recorder and play them back through speech to text software then run a script on the text file for certain keywords to filter out the useful information from the unwanted information but this seems like its doing too much and there is an easier way to go about doing this.

if anybody can help with this or provide me with a script that i can go off of it would be very greatly appreciated.

using firefox extension

For such a complex automation, I think SeeShell Browser and SeeShell Desktop Automation is better suited.