Automating Excel Data Copy-Paste

I’m excited about the potential of the “UI Vision” extension for task automation in Google Chrome, and I’m facing a specific challenge that I’d like to discuss here. My goal is to create an automation that involves copying data from cells in Excel and pasting this data into the search bar of a website.

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish, step by step:

  1. Copy data from an Excel cell.
  2. Paste this data into the search bar of a website.
  3. Copy the next Excel cell with different data.
  4. Paste it on the same website for searching.

What makes this even more interesting is that I don’t need to store the data anywhere, just automate the process of copying and pasting. However, since I’m relatively new to automation, I’m seeking guidance and tips from the UI Vision community.

If anyone has done something similar using UI Vision or has knowledge about how to set up this automation, I would be extremely grateful for any help you can provide. I’d like to understand which UI Vision commands are most suitable for these steps, how to create loops to iterate over Excel cells, and any general tips about action sequencing.

Additionally, if you know specific resources or tutorials related to this task that could be helpful, please share them. I’m eager to learn and enhance my skills with UI Vision.

Thank you very much for your attention and for sharing your knowledge!

The simplest solution to do this job is to save the Excel data in a csv and then integrate it into ui vision.
Otherwise, creating an automation that works with Excel is very complex, it requires being very expert in ui vision and also requires buying the ui vision license to be able to use more than 25 Xclick / Xtype commands necessary to be able to control Excel