Automatically upgrade is a big threat

automatically upgrade is a big threat for the user who is trying to depend on you.

if there is new version available, then it should have asked for user permission first before updating at users machine,
BUT in your case it is automatically forcing user to have work with latest version.
So if scripts / macro was working in earlier versions is not sure that they will run / work in latest version. unless until user have to run all the scripts in latest build.


Its a big threat for the User who is depending on your tool.

Thoughts pl?

We 100% agree with you. We understand that if Kantu is used to control critical web application tests or robotic process automation (RPA) tasks, an update at the wrong time can cause plenty of troubles.

The challenge is that by design extension updates can not be controlled or delayed. In other words, there is no way for us to add a checkbox like “Ask before update” to Kantu. This is the same problem for all Chrome and Firefox extensions, not just Kantu.

But we found a solution: The Kantu XModules Enterprise Edition has separate update channels for each Kantu version. This way you are in full control if and when you update your Kantu installation(s). We can’t offer this feature in the free Kantu version, because it actually requires some manual configuration for each customer.

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