Automatically play macro in browser tab on scheduled basis

So I have a basic macro, it just loads a video stream page at a URL and then just clicks on the page to play the stream which will not Autoplay by default. Periodically sometimes the stream stops working so I want to have the macro run on a set basis, say every hour, I have 2 of these streams in Firefox that play side by side in separate browser windows. I know you can automate macro playback via CLI or windows scheduling but is there anyway to start a macro inside Firefox, basically just run the bookmark I’ve saved every hour so it reloads the page in the same browser window. I’d rather not have the browser window closed and then reopened as I have each window sized and positioned in a specific way on my desktop.


How about running the macro in a loop? To make sure it runs only once every hour add PAUSE | 360000 (= one hour)

You also need to increase the default 15 min macro timeout to something bigger than 1h, e. g. 65000 seconds

store | 65000 | !timeout_macro