Automatic variable entry

it would be nice if i could set default variables for my UI.

like id=firstname id=lastname id=street ect would all automatically apply a variable i have designated to them so i dont have to manually enter it everytime

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Workaround: You can store the values in a CSV file and then load it, now the values are in ${!col1}, ${!col2},…

you dont understand.

I have to manual go through each robot and put col1 col2, when all my variable designations are the same.

first name always col1 last col2, so it would save me a fuck ton of time if the software said “this is first name, ill automatically inset col1 as a variable for you”

I currently do this exact scenario as well for each of my macro’s. I’m assuming you and I are filling the same type of forms. I don’t have any advice to offer but I do understand what you’re trying to accomplish.