Automatic User Creation. Can this be done?

I am looking to use Ui Vision to automate the process of creating new user account.
These are the general steps I want to do.I am quite new to this software so may need some guidance on what to do

  1. Monitor a ticket center for new tickets.Refreshing the website every 1 min and check to see if the ticket requests are relevant to new user creation.There will be description box stating exactly the use of each ticket
  2. When a new user creation tickets comes in, go into the ticket and get user details
  3. Go into admin center and key in those user details to create new account.

1.If this can be done, which commands can i use to achieve the first step?
2.Do I use OCR to save the user details?

This can be done. To get started, have a look at XClick and XType.

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NOTE: If u r using the Free version, u have only 25 xCommand (e.g. XClick, XType etc.) per script