Automated testing of HTML5 canvas apps - verifyText?

Telerik support referred me to the SeeShell Browser for canvas testing :wink:

Their Test Studio works only with the DOM of an application. It means that if elements are not located in the DOM the product can not create and execute an automated steps on them.

Functional canvas test work very well with the SeeShell Browser and the api. But is there an equivalent to verifyText from the selenium ide/ extract text from Telerik that works with canvas elements?

We have SeeShell Pro Plus, if this makes a difference.

SeeShell gives you several ways to verify/assert and to extract text on canvas elements or any other screen:

  1. Verify with text as image using the FIND command.

  2. Extract the text with the EXTRACT… OCR command (this uses zonal ocr), and then return it to the calling script with the GetExtractImageData API command. Then, in your script, you can do all kinds of text comparison or, depending on your use case, also store the text data.

  3. Run a text search on the screen with TextFind (with the October update): As the command name suggests, this command searches for text in the image using high quality and very fast OCR. Even so technically it works completely different, concept wise this command is close to the “good, old” verifyText command from Selenium - with the key difference being that TextFind works great on canvas :smile: )
    TextFind will use online OCR in the free community edition, just like Copyfish does. In addition, SeeShell Enterprise Editions include the option to use a local OCR engine for TextFind and all other OCR commands.

All three options apply to SeeShell and the SeeShell Browser.

Thanks for the information and roadmap info. I think I will stick with Find for now, and then switch to using TextFind in October. If you need a beta tester for this feature, let me know!

How can I sign up for the TextFind beta?

Hi, contact us and mention this forum post :smiley:

Hi all,
please suggest me which testing tools are good for learning?

thanks for sharing this knowledge about automated-testing