Automate XModule deployment


Automating the installation of the XModule is fairly easy but is their any way to script its configuration?
I would need to:

  • Switch the Home Folder within the XModules Settings which is located by default on the Desktop:

  • Activate XModules with my license key to run long macros:

This deployment is intended to be fully automated and I would like to rely on some command lines I could integrate to my already existing deployment script rather than creating a UIVision macro handling those tasks.

Currently such an automated deployment can (only) be done with the Enterprise Edition.

Alternative: You can try to clone the Chrome profile that contains the RPA extension. I did not test this, but it could/should work.

Thanks for your reply,

We actually have the Enterprise Edition license:

How can I automate it?
I currently download then install XModules using a script then load UI.Vision RPA onto Chrome as an unpacked extension to run macros. Would that still work?

On a side note, I noticed that when a macro is running, the Settings button disappears. Using a UI Vision macro to setup extension will not be possible.