Automate button clicks in chrome extension

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I need to solve a problem for a good friend.
We are running a chrome browser extension called Meta-Mask. It is expanded to fill the browser window. It is a crypto currency wallet and we need to automate a button click when prompted.
Once this button is clicked, we need to automate a second button click, as shown in the images.



My question; Is this possible with UI.Vision RPA and where should I begin?

Many thanks in advance. This is extremely important to us and any help will be gratefully received!


Automating Meta-Mask is no problem with desktop automation. You need to use computer vision, because browser extensions are no websites, and thus the classic Selenium IDE-style commands can not be used.

To get started, see How to Automate your Chrome Browser Extension App

See also How to automate click on Extension icon

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Just to add…

In addition to the image driven automation if you can tab and click enter for the button you can also use Xtype which simulates the keystrokes.


Thanks, as you suggested, I have tried to tab around the UI and I can ‘tab & enter’ the various buttons on the page, even the pop-up once the button in the first image is clicked.
However, this type of automation (browser extensions) is new to me, so I will take your advice and read into this some more.
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Thank-you Ulrich!
Your support on this issue is highly appreciated!
I’ll check out the information in the links.