Automate a date picker what command need to use and how can automate?

Hi @admin @Plankton @ulrich @User9898

How I can automate a date picker like this with ui vision ?

I have the date example

10 February 1995

How I can choice it in picker ?

What type of logical code do you use ?


I would do it like this:


Current date - example date = resulting months var

If a positive #, click the left arrow “result” month times
If a negative #, click the right arrow “result” month times

Click the example day

You would have to calculate it out in JavaScript or in another language with XRun and return the result back to the macro

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Do you really need to change to year to 1995? It seems the year is fixed, and can only be changed by going back month by month?

Otherwise I would do similar to @User9898 suggested:

  • For the month, calculate how many steps back for forth you need from the current date (clicks on the <= and => arrows)
  • For the day, make 31 small number images and then use XClick | 28.png

Thanks for suggestion

I prefer do not use image recognition to avoid problem of focus, xmodules.

I prefere use selenium command.

I already thinked how automate it with standard selenium command.