Attended automation

I want to know how to do attended automation for web only and for desktop as well so that user can make choices in some steps?


Here is what I use for Attended automation:

  1. PROMPT command - this stops the macro and asks the user for input. You can even set a default value.

  2. You can monitor an application or website for user input. Example: The macro can wait until the users fills out a text box, and then continue. Based on what the user has filled in, it can make decisions. Use for example storeValue for this.

  3. Use the RPA command line API. This gives you full control and you can use your scripting language to make all kinds of user interaction.

…but in most cases I just use the PROMPT command (option 1) :slight_smile:

Two more hints:

checkout this out for automating with autoit on Windows.