Assert multiple texts

Hi everyone, I am trying to assert a link with different available texts.

until link=30

Is there a way to use an expression to unify all those options in a single step? because I don’t want to be blocked/detected for doing so much assert actions consecutively.


Can you please add a screenshot to clarify the situation?

My first idea is: If the text is in the source, use sourceSearch.

Hi, I am attaching a screeshot. I want to get a notification if any date that month is available (aka clickable).
When that happens the link with the text of the day is found using AssertElementPresent, In this example Link=12 for example, so I get a notification.
But I would need to create the AssertElementPresent 30 times for each day of the month.

Ah, so I think the issue is that each AssertElementPresent takes 10 seconds, because it waits for the element to appear?

=> You can remove this wait by adding store | 0 | !TIMEOUT_WAIT before the AssertElementPresent commands.

I just see this now. If that is the case, the solution would be to use sourceSearch | link= | a => the variable a will be > 0 if one or more instances of the “link=” string are found. But sourceSearch can only be used if the plain text is in the page source.

Also, I am sure no website checks for the number of AssertElementPresent! Because all AssertElementPresent run on the same website DOM, so the page itself is loaded only once. You could even use a 1000 AssertElementPresent in a row and this will not raise any red flag.

That was my main concern. Thank you very much