Ask User for Input and use the input to anything

I want to create a macro and that will ask user for their input like username/password and how much amount you want to pay for a bill and so on. Once you enter these info then the macro will do everything for you(pay your bill). I work at a place where I pay bills on multiple providers and pay bills can be very dull without any macro especially there are tons of repetitive tasks. The username/password info and pay amount are on my Microsoft Excel so I’d have to use them to pay bills online. It’s just a suggestion to add a feature like this kind. Unless there is another way that I could do instead? Any idea? Thanks.

Good news, this can already be done with the PROMPT command:

prompt | your text here@default value| variable

=> Ask the user for input and store the value in a variable.

Or: If the values are already in an Excel file, export it in CSV format, and then use csvRead to load it into UI.Vision.

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That helped! So much appreciated!! :slight_smile: