Architecture and more information on UI.Vision


I’m new here. I’m currently co-authoring an article on open source RPA and was wondering if anyone could help with information relating to the below, please

  1. Architecture diagram
  2. Is the core of UI.Vision RPA tool Selenium?
  3. Any other communities?
  4. Learning courses
  5. What can be automated with the tool and what are its limitations? - for instance, will it automate mainframe apps?

Kind regards

Hi, thanks for testing UI Vision! To answer your questions:

(1) Architecture diagram:

Sorry, we have nothing useful available right now. Except of course the RPA source code itself. I will add this to our “todo” list.

(2) Is the core of UI.Vision RPA tool Selenium?

No. We were first :slight_smile: When the old Selenium IDE for Firefox stopped working , we started the UI.Vision RPA open-source project. The goal was to create a new, modern web automation tool that is compatible with the latest web browsers. We re-implemented all important Selenium IDE commands from scratch. A few months later, (maybe inspired by our project and its popularity?) the Selenium team revived their deprecated Selenium IDE and updated it. So the code base is different. Both are open source but use a different license.

The key difference is the philosophy behind the projects: For the Selenium team the main project is the Selenium webdriver, and the IDE is just a side project. It is intended as helper tool for webdriver script creation. For us at UI.Vision our Selenium IDE implementation is a key part of the UI.Vision open-source core that powers our RPA automation solution. We combine this - as the name UI Vision suggests - with computer-vision/OCR based automation.

(3) Any other communities?

You mean for UI Vision? Maybe… but none that I am aware of now.

(4) Learning courses

The main resources are the documentation, our YouTube channel and this forum. We do not have an “RPA university” like other big-name tools, nor do I think it is required. UI Vision is a lightweight and easy to learn tool:

  • For learning web automation with Selenium IDE commands, there are many good tutorials available. This was the main reason why we decided to re-use the Selenium syntax in UI Vision. No reason to reinvent the wheel.

  • For learning desktop automation our YouTube channel is probably the best place to start. Desktop automation is 100% visual (human like), so there are only 2 commands that you need to know to get started: XClick and XType

(5) What can be automated with the tool

“Everything” (since it works visually). And because UI Vision is an RPA tool that “lives” in the browser, an especially strong point is the hybrid automation of web applications of all kinds. Here you can combine classic Selenium IDE commands and visual automation to get the best of all worlds.