API parameter OCREngine not working

Hello, i use your free OCR api on addres
https://api.ocr.space/Parse/Image, POST method, when fill parameter
OCREngine, this error is raised: :
ErrorDetails=, OCRExitCode=99.0, ProcessingTimeInMilliseconds=0,
ErrorMessage=[Some internal processing error occurred. Please give us
some time, we are looking into this!]} [20-07-12 10:17:55:100 PDT]
ParsedText: null

Without that parameter is working OK, but with default
OCREngine=1, i need OCREngine=2 for better recognition, can you help me
please what is wrong, how i must set up in this case? thanks Petr

these parameters set up working OK
var formData = { ‘apikey’: ‘my key’,
‘language’: ‘eng’, ‘base64image’ : image, ‘isTable’ : true };

and these one with error
var formData = { ‘apikey’: ‘my key’, ‘OCREngine’: 2,
‘language’: ‘eng’, ‘base64image’ : image, ‘isTable’ : isTable };

Hi, do you send an image or a PDF via base64?

If image, can you please test with this base64 test image?

If PDF, can you please test with this base64 test PDF?

If this works, but not your base64 string, then please send me your base64 string for testing.

In my tests these strings work fine: