API: Logfile sometimes not saved


I am running uivision via the api, I am sending a lot of short commands via the api.

Regularly after about 20 - 30 commands the logfile is not downloaded.

Ia there a way to avoid this? would it be possible to access the internal log via xfiles?

Thank you for your help.

Best wishes


Hi, we will try to recreate this. I have not seen that before. Some questions:

  • Does this happen with Chrome and Firefox?

  • Does anything unusual happen at this point, like a crash?

This is not possible currently, but this is a very good suggestion. I added it to our todo list.

Hi admin,

It happens in chrome. Most of the time it occurs when the macro repeatedly clicks on a tag on the bottom of the page to scroll down. Between each click there is 1s pause.

That said it happens in other macros as well…

I will try to create a video showing the problem.

Thank you for your help.

I created two gifs showing the problem:

log missing2

I have shortened the second gif removing parts where nothing happens.

It appears that sometimes the log file name of the last played macro is used again.

Thank you for your help.