API Key is not activated!

Order Ref# OCR230217-6563-38109

API Key is not activated yet as i keep getting The API key is invalid.

My current logged in email is not the same one i used for the order as I’m the developer for the client.

But you can locate the API key using the order ref#



I guess you are using the PRO key with the FREE endpoint. Instead please use our dedicated PRO OCR API endpoints at

XXXX is just a place holder. You find the exact URLs in the email that contained your OCR API key.

Thank you,

We’ve sent an email asking to unlimited our requests since we’ve around 11k we would like to process.

Currently i see that you are accepting only 5 concurrent connections and only (70 Photos per 1 minute)!

Waiting for your response at the soonest.

I am glad that the API key issue is solved.

About the conversion limits:

The PRO plan includes 300,000 conversions per month, these are ~7 conversions per minute. To allow for peaks, the systems allows for up to 70 conversions (images) per minute.

We can not provide unlimited peak conversions, as our hardware consists of real (bare metal) servers and real graphics cards - we can not scale unlimited. So it not possible, for example, to use up all 300000 conversions in one day.

If you need higher conversions limits you could make a second (or 3rd…) subscriptions, and then use both API keys alternately.