API Call Usage Limit

What error should I receive when I exceed the daily/monthly usage limit of API Call?

I have been getting time out requests on my app, so I have tried it in Postman.

In Postman, the first trial request took 6 minutes, then the second one took 45 seconds, does this mean that I have already reached my limit?

Before, it only takes 1-2 seconds per request.

I notice that I could do 25,000 requests per month, and 500 per day, and I’m sure that I haven’t reached those yet.

I read in some other post that the API Usage Limit is only available in PRO, if that is the case, is there any other way to know when my limit has been reached, perhaps an error message?

I have also checked the status page and the FREE OCR API is UP

Thank you for your time.

That is very long indeed! I assume the free API was overloaded at this time. (It will not happen with the PRO ocr api).

If you would have reached your daily limit, you would get an error code that says “limit reached”.

Thanks for confirming! Appreciate it!