Anything that can be done about the awful colors in the UI?

It’s so overpowering of the text and what’s going on half the time, it’s far less help than it is a pain, it wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact it just stays that way and no easy way reset it back to blank, even shutting t down and reloading doesn’t help.

What was going on with the color choice here?

It’s good to know there’s an issue but it becomes a thousand times less helpful if it actually gets in the way of seeing what the issue is, At least make the options to do something about it more accessible, or throw in some options t customise the internal colours manually, I know there’s the echo colours, but there’s not quite the something,

Simply bolding the font would help massively with the eye strain

I love this macro, but the UI needs a big overhaul IMO, TBH I’d pay good money just to have that fixed, I’m spending over 12 hours a day looking at this thing and it’s taking it’s toll. :disappointed_relieved:

Cheers. A dark mode wold be heaven

Well, I agree. We did not pay enough attention to the color palette in the recent feature enhancements, and the result is “Dark orange on light orange”. That is obviously not good.

The good news is that a dark mode is planned for next UI update.

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